• Secaucus School District
  • Local Businesses
  • Secaucus Community Garden
  • Secaucus Prevention Coalition
  • Secaucus Community Center

Community Impact:

  • Secaucus’ team created a composting center and community awareness campaign to ensure the composting system is sustainable beyond the summer
  • Through community and government partnerships the group was able to access and train 13 youth to use the town’s rocket composter, an industrial composting machine.
  • The group collected 14 buckets of food waste, created community awareness, of community gardens and composting, by canvassing 8 city blocks, 190 homes, created posters for 7 community gardens, and one public service announcement, that was screened at various community events.  
  • Further, team Secaucus identified the opportunity to engage local businesses through Green Business Certifications thereby recognizing their sustainable efforts and recommitting them to environmentally friendly business practices. As a result the team approached 55 total businesses in the Town of Secaucus of which 8 were certified and committed to greening their businesses.

Logic Model:


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