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Community Impact:

Perth Amboy’s team worked to:

  • complete a 99-page traffic safety audit, which: addressed walkability to local parks, and determined the best routes and locations for the Raritan Bay Area YMCA mobile farmers’ market, also known as the Veggie Van.
  • Artifacts: We have the report and will post online
  • It is estimated that the group gave out about 228 parcels of fresh fruits and vegetables a week over the course of July, roughly 38 parcels per week. The team also provided community members with health smoothies each week at the market. Further, the team Perth Amboy conducted a street safety audit to understand persistent road hazards and safety concerns. From the data collect, through their walkability audit, the group generated a lengthy report concerning 14 streets in Perth Amboy. The report provided detailed information concerning crosswalks,  sidewalks, bike lanes, and general road conditions and recommendations to compliment problems that the group noted. The group presented the findings of their report to the local police department and city officials.
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