• Atlantic Care Foundation
  • Samantha Kiley
  • Dr. Rubenstein, Stockton University
  • The Boys and Girls Club
  • Michelle Carrera
  • Atlantic City Hight School, Mia Williams
  • Hope for AC
  • Community Food Bank of South Jersey
  • David Calderetti
  • Atlantic City Housing Authority

Community Impact:

  • Atlantic City’s team worked to create a better system for allocating food and promoting food distribution locations. AC identified over 20 food pantries over a 48 block span and worked toward disseminating this knowledge in an app/website.
  • Their team set up a food distribution site at the New York Apartments. This was set-up to run once a month.
  • A webpage was designed to show community members where food pantries were located in their community and the hours and days of operation.
  • Social media, Twitter: @FeedAc1  @ACBGClub

Logic Model:


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