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What’s New?

Teacher Prep Students are making the grade!

Applause please for following Teacher Prep Program students who are being recognized for their outstanding achievements!Danielle Pricskett: 2016 Winner of the Distinguished Elementary School Candidate AwardStephany Villar: 2016 Winner of the Nancy Higginson Dorr AwardTiyana Hicks: 2016 Nominee for the 2016 New Jersey Distinguished Student Teacher AwardKelsey Smoker: 2016 Nominee for the 2016 New Jersey … Read more …
Posted at 1:52 pm May 5, 2016, in All News


Kappa Delta Pi, a highly regarded and prestigious honor society, was founded in 1911, and boasts 500,000 members worldwide. Its members span the continuum of education from pre-service to novice and practicing teachers, administrators, college professors and retirees. The Kappa Delta Pi mission is to support and recognize scholarship and excellence in education.The Teacher Preparation … Read more …
Posted at 10:26 am May 3, 2016, in All News

Congratulations Scholarship Winner!

We are proud to announce that Teacher Prep Program student Mr. Michael Youngkin was one of 5 applicants selected by the Delaware Valley Education Consortium (DVEC) to win a  2016 Hannah Amgott Memorial Scholarship. This merit based scholarship is awarded to students exhibiting excellence in the pursuit of education.  Michael is currently earning teacher certification … Read more …
Posted at 9:00 am April 29, 2016, in All News

FALL 2017 Student Teaching Applications

The application deadline for FALL 2017 student teaching is September 30, 2016.  Applications are available in the TPP office starting May 15, 2016.You must officially be admitted to the TPP in order to apply for student teaching. Please see our FAQ page for TPP entrance requirements or schedule an appointment with an TPP advisor.PLEASE NOTE that starting FALL … Read more …
Posted at 9:45 am February 4, 2016, in All News

STAY TUNED! State Changes Coming to Teacher Preparation

In November 2015, the New Jersey State Board of Education voted on and approved significant changes to the way New Jersey teaching candidates will be trained. These changes are slated for implementation over the 2017-2019 school years.The Rutgers Camden Teacher Preparation Program will work to adapt our currently successful Program to meet these state mandated … Read more …
Posted at 8:52 pm January 3, 2016, in All News

UPDATED P3 (Early Childhood) Testing Information from the NJ DOE

“At its meeting of June 3, 2015, the New Jersey State Board of Education adopted a new Praxis II content test and passing score for Teachers of Early Childhood. The new test is number 5025, the passing score is 156 (on a 100 to 200 point scale), and the test takes effect on September 1, … Read more …
Posted at 11:18 am July 1, 2015, in All News