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I am an undergraduate who wants a subject-area (P-12) certification. What steps do I follow to get certified?

Posted at 10 a.m. Feb. 2, 2015,

The Teacher Preparation Program offers P-12 subject-area certificates in Art, English, French, German, Spanish, Mathematics, Music, Social Studies, Biological Science, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, and Theater.

Undergraduate students seeking P-12 certification must complete:

  1. An academic major – most undergraduates major in the area they want to teach, but see a TPP advisor if you plan to teach in a content area you are not majoring in
  2. All general education and graduation requirements for the degree
  3. The Teacher Preparation Program requirements for P-12 Program

* We encourage students to complete the Admission Requirements for the Teacher Preparation Program before investing in coursework.

Sequence for completing the P-12 Teacher Preparation Program

  1. Apply to Rutgers Camden or Re-enroll at Rutgers Camden
  2. Complete the Admission Requirements for the Teacher Preparation Program
  3. Make an appointment with a TPP staff member to officially enroll in Certification Program (856-225-6051)
  4. Sign for a Student Teaching Application one year in advance of the desired to student teaching semester. You cannot enroll in any fieldwork courses unless you are officially admitted to the IEE Certification Program. Student Teaching Application deadlines are late September for the following fall semester and late January for the following Spring semester.
  5. See chart below for final coursework sequence:

Student Teaching Application Due

Methods (Practicum)
(3 credits)

Practicum II
(3 credits)

Student Teaching
(12 credits – full time semester)

End of September for the following Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Summer Semester

Fall Semester

End of January for the following Spring Semester

Fall Semester

Winter Semester

Spring Semester

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